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La nuova collezione Bee1 Camo

The new Bee1 Camo collection

The innovative BEE1 technology takes sock printing to another level, providing exclusive benefits capable of offering unique performance.
Through a combination of polyester and Lycra we are able to provide the product with excellent breathability and color resistance to washing and at the same time we create a sock that adheres perfectly to the body guaranteeing excellent comfort .

For the realization of this product we use an innovative and unique printing technology that allows the desired design to be imprinted on the fabrics in a uniform way, avoiding the unsightly finishes of the traditional method.
The process of applying the colors guarantees incredible and long-lasting softness and elasticity to the sock.

As several contemporary artists have transported camouflage into modern artistic representation, also in Bee1 we wanted to study a new interpretation of this concept, adapting it to the world of cycling, finding different and captivating designs compared to the original.

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